Jewelry Cleaning  
Clean jewelry with a polishing cloth (or any type of soft cloth to insure metal does not scrape) in order to remove impurities, oils, dirt, etc. You may soak your jewelry for a few seconds in warm, soapy water and gently brush it with a Q-tip or soft-bristled toothbrush. This will enable you to clean hard-to-reach areas around the accent stone setting. Dirt and oils may collect around the stone setting and this is a good way to keep the area clean and free of dulling debris. Thoroughly rinse and dry afterwards

Do not wear the jewelry while working with household chemicals. If you do happen to come in contact with chemicals of any kind, wash your jewelry immediately with warm water and soap, and dry thoroughly. This will help to reduce any potential damage. Avoid swimming pools and hot tubs while wearing your jewelry, as chlorine can compromise the surface of the stone and enamel and potentially cause discoloration.

Commercial jewelry cleaners may use solutions that are very strong and may cause extensive damage to jewelry. Do not use ultrasonic cleaners and steam baths designed for jewelry. They are not safe for use on Lauren G Adams jewelry and may damage stones.

Jewelry Care 

Cuff sizes or shapes should not be tampered with. Avoid bending to open or reduce their size. This can distort the plating and damage the bezel setting of the stone.

Clasped bangles also require special care. If the clasp becomes bent or distorted in any way, it will not align correctly. Bangles may shift position throughout the day due to movement, but it is important to wear the bangle with the clasp towards the inside of the wrist. This will help prevent the clasp from accidental opening.
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