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You may know us as a brand and the creators of your favorite enamel jewelry.

Lauren G Adams is lifestyle designed for any occasion especially anywhere near sun and sand.

Lauren G Adams is most known for its colorful enamels and bold designs.

Dress up or dress down; you’ll always have the perfect piece.


Orly Ovadia was born and raised in Montreal and developed a love for fashion and artistic design

at a young age. Orly became the creator and founder after studying the process of jewelry manufacturing in

Providence Rhode Island. It was during these early years that she realized women need more choices in fashion costume jewelry.  


Established in 1998 in Florida “The Sunshine State”, Orly decided to launched her first jewelry line and named it Lauren G Adams.

Her passion and dedication to her family inspired her to name the brand after her three children, Lauren, Gabrielle, and Adam.

Powered by artistic vision and an impeccable eye for the next fashion trend, Orly developed a simple

philosophy — high fashion and jewelry are inseparable.   Since then her brand flourished and has become a jewelry empire.

 As the creative force behind the line, Orly remains committed to the belief that jewelry is an essential accessory. 


"The excitement in a woman's eyes when she sees a new piece of high-end jewelry always sticks

with me — the sparkle in her eye; the way she looks at it; the way it looks on her; and, most importantly,

the way it makes her feel. Simply chic!"


The signature look of Lauren G Adams handmade gemstone jewelry are bright color and graceful prints brought to life

in high-quality enamel and metal. It's all about the details that make a statement piece!  The beauty of Lauren G Adams fashion

costume jewelry is not only on the surface. The inside of each piece bears a unique finish — it may be cut out or enameled —

and every piece is marked with the signature, LGA Daisy.